Announcement 37th International Vo Vi Conference “Looking Afar”




37th International Vo Vi Conference “Looking Afar”
Hyatt Regency, Montreal, Canada

From 13 September to 18 September 2019

Looking Afar

Looking afar and understanding immensely, we will open our spiritual mind,
As our true soul receives the infinite guidance, we will feel at peace,
Alternating existence and non-existence educate our consciousness,
Developing ourselves with a sincere heart, we neither discuss nor worry about them.


Lương Sĩ Hằng  - Vĩ Kiên

Dear Vo-Vi practitioners,
How fortunate for us to be able to return to Montreal to attend the 37th International Vo-Vi conference with the theme “Looking Afar”.
Montreal is a multi-faceted city. We can call it  a “romantic” city with the autumn leaves fluttering and shining under the fading sun, a “beautiful” city when all the lights illuminate it with different colors as night falls,  a “peaceful” city where the inhabitants happily welcome visitors from all over the world. Montreal also brings back many memories to all Vo-Vi practitioners, as our Master first settled in this city when he escaped Vietnam in the 1980s. He also gave numerous teachings every week at the local meditation center, and left us an immensurable spiritual treasure.
 Montreal is also the place where our Master departed on the fifth day of the 8th lunar month in 2009. After nine long years, we will be reunited at the same place to offer our respect and our true heart to our Master, also on the 5th day of the 8th lunar month of 2018, to commemorate Him and be infinitely grateful for His work.
What a fortuitous coincidence to return to the same hotel, Hyatt Regency Montreal, where Master Tam chaired the 28th Vo-Vi International Conference “Infinite Progress” in 2008 for the last time, as the hotel is now completely renovated and fulfills all our organization criteria.

The Hyatt Regency is situated in the city centre, and the surroundings are always full of energy. You can walk outside right at the shopping center “Complexe des Jardins”, where a food court will offer you a multitude of restaurants. In addition, you only need to walk 5 minutes to enter Chinatown, with all kinds of restaurants to satisfy all kinds of palate. As the hotel has the best location, and the month of September is very busy with many festivals downtown, please register early to make sure that you get the room you wish. The month of September is also the month of Quebec City Film Festival. The Hyatt hotel has been selected to distribute the best film awards to the actors, and it will become even busier. Therefore, you need to register early to avoid that other groups will reserve the rooms. All registrations must go through the Organization Committee, since we need your help and participation in order to satisfy the hotel requirements and provide you with the necessary meeting space.
Next year, the Memorial Ceremony for our Master falls on the fifth day of the 8th lunar month, which is Friday, 14th September 2018 , so this is also the first day of the conference, and the conference will last 3 days from 14th September 2018 to 16th September 2018.  The organization committee sincerely hopes that we will have the occasion to see Mrs Tam during the conference, if her health permits, and all will depend on Heaven’s will.
After the conference, we will have the opportunity to rejoice together with an additional tour day on the 17th September 2018.
Even though many of you may have come to Montreal numerous times, it is probable that you did not have the opportunity to visit the city and understand its history in depth. Now we have a unique occasion to start our visit by stopping at the Mont-Royal park and see the whole city at 233 meters or 764 feet high. Afterwards the bus will take us to the Old Montreal quarters with many historic sites and learn how the pioneers have built this city. Old Montreal is a very lively place in the month of September, and you can walk on the cobblestone streets, taste the authentic French cuisine, or get some souvenirs from the boutiques as you wish.... After a lunch break in Old Montreal, we will visit the botanical garden, which is classified as a national historic site in 2008. With 190 acres, the botanical garden is among the largest ones in the world. In September, we will be able to visit the rose garden with thousands of various rose species, the orchid garden and the bonsai garden in the greenhouses, etc. Among others, there are 3 very large outdoor gardens, the Japanese Garden, the Chinese Garden, and the Garden of First Nations. The Chinese Garden has its annual Garden of Lights show in September, where you can see and take pictures of various lanterns from the Mid-Autumn Festival.
After the tour day, we will have a vegetarian dinner at a Chinese restaurant, a meeting and common meditation session, before parting ways on the 18th September 2018.
 (**Please note that the tour program could change depending on the circumstances)
 The cost of living in Canada is very high. Hotel taxes are almost 19% and all services at the hotel carry a 32% tax rate (15% government taxes and 17% service charge – hotel tax). The organization committee has done its best to provide you with the most reasonable rates at the hotel.   
You have the following options for the conference:

  1.     Registration fees for conference only  (no tour day), cost: 560 USD per adult in a quadruple room, which include: 5 day/ 4 hotel nights (check in on 13th September, check out on 17th September), quad room, 4 breakfast, 3 lunch, 3 dinner ( breakfast and lunch at the hotel, dinner at chinese restaurant), conference and memorial ceremony for our Master.  Airport transfer on 13th September and 17th September 2018, for those who register with the transportation team **.

** Please note that we only provide airport transfer for the Montreal International Airport (Code YUL) during the working hours of the transportation team as noted on the registration form for airport transfer.

  1.     Registration fees for conference and additional tour day, cost  650 USD per adult in quadruple room, which include: 6 day/ 5 hotel nights (check-in 13th September, checkout 18th September 2018), quad room, 4 breakfast, 3 lunch, 3 dinner ( breakfast and lunch at the hotel, dinner at chinese restaurant), conference and memorial ceremony for our Master.  Airport transfer on 13th September and 17th September 2018, for those who register with the transportation team.

Please see registration form for more details on additional room options.
The organization committee needs to know the exact number of participants to organize the tour day. Please register as early as possible before the deadline of March 1st, 2018. 
Registration deadline is May 1st, 2018 or earlier, if we run out of space. Please pay the first deposit before February 15, 2018, and the final balance by May 1st, 2018.
You can download the registration form on the website www.vovinet.org and email the form to the registration team as early as possible to hold your space.
We hope to see you again at the 2018 International Conference “Looking Afar”, so that we may enjoy together the precious Vo-Vi Tet festival.
The Organization Committee of Vo-Vi International Conferences



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