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The website WWW.VOVI.ORG is the official website to present the Practical Method of Vo-Vi Esoteric Science and Dharma of Buddha to all those who wish to understand what is VO-Vi.

The website WWW.VOVINET.ORG is the internal Vo-Vi website, and is used as a means of communication among Vo-Vi practitioners all over the world.

According to the above organization, the website WWW.VOVI.ORG contains the following topics:

  1. Presentation of the Practical Method of Vo-Vi Esoteric Science and Dharma of Buddha
  2. Biography of our Venerable Founder, Mr. Do Thuan Hau
  3. Biography of our Venerable Master, Mr. Luong Si Hang
  4. Practice of the Vo-Vi Method:
    1. Practice of the exercises of the Vo-Vi method of meditation
  5. Vo-Vi books and other materials
    1. Selected Questions and Answers about the practice of the Vo-Vi method of meditation
    2. Vo-Vi publications
    3. Online Vo-Vi library (VoViLib)
  6. Charitable Activities
  7. Communications and broadcasting
    1. Vo-Vi Radio Broadcasting Stations all over the world
  8. Vo-Vi Spiritual Music
  9. How to contact the various Vo-Vi Friendship Associations, Vo-Vi Meditation Centers and other Vo-Vi houses.

The website WWW.VOVINET.ORG contains topics related to the internal organization of Vo-Vi:

  1. General News
  2. Activities: Vo-Vi conferences, local Vo-Vi seminars at the Vo-Vi meditation centers or Vo-Vi houses
    • Announcements
    • Registration Forms
    • Reports and photos about Vo-Vi activitie
  3. Publication of the LED (Life Energy Development) Weekly newsletters

    We will continue to examine and add other topics like How to cook vegetarian, Natural Nutrition, Spiritual Training, etc.
    The websites are still in the phase of improvement. We hope for your understanding, and look forward to your participation and contribution, as well as the support of all Vo-Vi practitioners in the five continents.


Please send all your constructive ideas, documents, or articles to be published to voviorg@gmail.com

Respectfully Yours,
Huynh Minh Bao